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First off, if you’re looking at our warranty pages that likely means you bought one of our products.  Thank you!! 

Second, if you’re looking at our warranty pages and bought one of our products, you may need some help.

No Problem. Now let’s get things sorted out.


Or maybe you’re poking around to see if we’re a company that’s going to stand behind the products you’re about to spend your hard earned money. 

Answer…We’ve got your back!


Warranty Term = Lifetime

What does that really mean?  It means we will stand behind our products with a best effort solution for as long as the originally owner…you…has the products.


Warranty Who = You

You are the original owner of the Hardstreet products we’re now having a discussion about.  If you registered with us, thank you, this is going to be easy.  Let us know who you are and we’ll look things up in our records.  If you have your original purchase receipt, email us a picture of it, we’re still on track.  If neither of those scenarios apply to you, email us or call us.  We’ll figure something out.


Warranty Type = Limited

No fancy lawyer wording here.  If, upon removal of our products from its original packaging, one or more of the following exists, we will repair or replace or provide, at our discretion, the item or items in question:

  • Missing parts per the item sheet provided in the original packaging.  Also provided on our website under the information relating to the product in question.
  • Damaged or defective parts due to workmanship and/or materials at the time of opening the original packaging


Warranty How

Call us at 1 336-763-1000 or

Email us at

Don’t worry.  Dragonfly Brands Corp is still us.  It’s the name of the legal entity of our company, and is the owner of the Hardstreet brand.  You can check out out our brand page at 


After an email or conversation understanding of the situation, we will ask you to fill out our Warranty Claim Form (provide live link to this form)


If we agree we screwed up, apologies once again and thanks for giving us a chance to remedy the situation.  A Return Material Authorization, RMA, number will be issued to you.  Send us back the part in question with your issued RMA number included.  We pride ourselves on our product qualities.  We don’t ask for the parts back because we doubt you.  We ask for the parts back because we want to use these as internal teaching moments to help improve ourselves. Thanks for understanding, and helping.


Not Covered Under Our Warranty

  • Installation error - If you made a mistake installing a Configurator or Equalizer Blade product.  Don’t worry.  We’ve Got Your Back. 
  • Contact us and we’ll figure out to help you out.  
  • Wear and Tear
    • Magna Pucks get deployed in a harsh environment.  They are in contact with different types of parking surfaces with a heavy motorcycle kickstand leaning on it.  Yours will get dirty and scratched.
    • Magna Pucks have a nice large surface area for support across a variety of parking surfaces.  They have guides to help locate your kickstand on them.  The retractable Magnet wand makes placing and retrieving the Magna Puck base.  The Magna Puck is not magic.  It won’t hold your bike up if you’re trying to park in mud, or on other inappropriate parking surfaces.  If you’re trying to park in mud, chances are something else went wrong.  The Magna Puck does not balance your motorcycle for you.  Practice good kickstand deployment/parking practices.  We don’t cover dropping your bike…and hope you never experience that.
    • Our Configurators help protect your stored valuables.  They do a better job than the hard plastic interior your saddle bags and tour pack came with.  We don’t cover damage to items stored in a Configurator lined saddle bag or tour pack.
    • Configurators will likely get dirty.  See our care and cleaning information on our website.  They may experience some fretting or wear in places where hard edged items are in contact with them.  This type of usage wear and tear is not covered.  Imagine what the saddle bag or tour pack would look like if you hadn’t made the smart decision to protect them with a Configurator.
    • Accidents happen.  Spills happen.  Forgetting and leaving your wet riding gear in your saddle bag or tour pack for a couple days or weeks happens.  Our Configurators area made from a proprietary formulation of closed cell, anti microbial EVA foam.  So if these oops moments happen, you’re better off with a Configurator involved than felt or fabric or other types of liners.  But it might be funky in there.  Read and practice our care and cleansing information.  A little soap and water, spraying out the inside with gentle hose pressure, and letting things dry out while placing your sale bag or tour pack (carefully) upside down will likely do the trick.  If it doesn’t, contact us…We’ve Got Your Back
  • You get the idea.  If we screwed upon opening up your packaging, that’s on us.  If you screwed up, accidents happen, we ride too, and understand.  Contact us and we’ll work something out.