April 28, 2020

RYT-There Shelf Set for 2019-20 Indian Flat-Single Hinge Saddle Bags

"No other product out there like it. Added the organization I was looking for and install was easy. I would highly recommend them"

D Hiltz

Aug. 14, 2020

RYT-There Shelf Set for 2014-20 Indian Rounded Top Double Hinge Saddle Bags

"Since I got my Chieftain 3 years ago I've looking for a solution to store small items such as glasses, phone, and keys. Because of the retractable windshield a fairing mounted pouch isn't an option. These shelves are great and will come in good use! Thanks!"

T James

July 27, 2020

RYT-There Shelf Set for 2018-20 Harley Davidson Heritage Saddle Bags

"Very handy for small items. The pieces could be labeled right and left to make install easier. I also thought the product was aluminum, but it seems good quality plastic "


May 5, 2020

RYT-There Shelf Set for 2019-20 Indian Flat Top-Single Hinge Saddle Bags

"Pleasantly surprised at the fit and finish of this product. Install took me 20-25 minutes. the shelves look like they belong and work great for storing small items ( keys, sunglasses, etc.) I highly recommend"

S Marshall

Aug. 14, 2020

RYT-There Shelf Set for 2014-20 Harley Davidson Saddle Bags

"Product Fit with Easy Installation"

M Thomas

Sept. 4, 2020

RYT-There Organizer for 2014-20 Tour Pack-Ultra With Lights

"Easy Install. Parts fit well with exception of the corner section that covers the lighting harness."