Configurator for Harley Davidson-King Tour Pack-Accessory-No Lights

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Tour Pack Configurator

HD 2014- 2019 Detachable King Tour Pack 

Our Tour Packs are an integral element in delivering the long haul capability we come to expect from our favorite machines…our motorcycles.  So while disorganization and clutter might work okay in the junk drawer in our kitchens, we at Hardstreet think our tour packs deserve better.    Proper interior padding and protection for your valuable items.  Don't hope your cargo is doing okay as you roll down the road…know it.  The Tour Pack Configurator  by Hardstreet.

Ride to Adventure


  • Easy to Adjustable dividers
  • Impact resistant padding  base
  • Patent Pending 
  • Attractive contrast cutting integrates grooves
  • Easy installation
  • Choice of colors
    • Grey/Black
    • Tan/Black
  • Made in the USA