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Designed to compliment your Ryt-There Saddle Bag Shelf Set (sold separately)

The Finisher does just that, it finishes what the Ryt-There Saddle Bag Shelf Set started…namely…transforming your saddle bag look, usability, and contents protection.  The Finisher pieces “key” into the Ryt-There Saddle Bag Shelf Set foundation in an intuitive, well thought out way, and builds from there.  The result is a look and protection level that compliments how beautiful the exterior of your saddle bags, and your motorcycle.  Key features are:

  • Tool-less, adhesive backed, intuitive installation
  • Impact resistant EVA foam for saddle bag contents protection
  • Anti-microbial formulation so wet rain gear, bike covers, and other wet contents don’t turn your saddle bag interior into a science project
  • Improves the sound quality of saddle bag audio components
  • Awesome look
  • Patent pending
  • Made in the USA


Ryt-There Saddle Bag Shelf Set sold separately



    • RYT-THERE Saddle Bag Shelf Set and Finisher Saddle Bag Liner together
    • keeps everything where you put it at the beginning of your ride.
      • Sunglasses
      • Wallets
      • Phone
      • Personal Protection
      • Keys
      • Express Passes
      • Cameras
      • Tablets and Laptops
    • No fumbling around in your saddle bag when you need your important stuff!
    • WHERE...? RYT-THERE!


    • Install your Finisher Saddle Bag Liner ( estimated 10-15 minutes for each bags)
    • *RYT-THERE Shelf Set must be installed first
      • 1. Just peel back the adhesive backing paper on foundation foam inside wall towards the bike
      • 2. Line up the notch of foam to RYT-THERE Shelf Set foundation on inside edge of saddle bag.
      • 3. Begin sticking down the foam foundation here. Work your way around the front and opposite side walls
      • 4. Install bottom floor sections. DONE.
    • 5.