RYT-THere Counter Shield W18

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The RYT-There Counter Shield provides a barrier against spray droplets from sneezing, coughing and speaking in close proximity.  Perfect for desktops, countertops, and tabletops where everyday customer/employee interactions occur…meaning EVERYWHERE!


W18 Size Height 30" x Width 18" x Depth 16"

-Ultra Clear-Shatter Proof polycarbonate shield allows confident interactions between customers and employees

-Anti-microbial marine grade HDPE plastic side supports

-CNC machined for precision fit

-Quick and Easy No-Tools Assembly

-Sturdy as-assembled wide platform

  construction (no tipping over)    

-Strap features for securing in outdoor (Windy) settings

-Proudly Made in the USA by Hardstreet

-Patent Pending Design

30 Day Guarantee