Magna Puck- Magnetic Kick Stand Pad and Extending Pickup Tool

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No Hassle Parking Anywhere

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Magna Puck

Magnetic Kick Stand Puck- No Hassle parking for your bike anywhere!

Kickstand pucks are like visits to the dentist.  We all know we need one…but man do we hate the experience of them.  Until now.  Meet the Magna Puck by Hardstreet.  Hassle and stress free placement and retrieval of your kickstand puck, from the balanced comfort of your favorite place…the seat of your motorcycle.  So while we can't change the experience of your dentist office visit.  We can improve your ride experience.  Magna Puck by Hardstreet. 

Ride to Adventure


  • Stress free placement and retrieval from the seat of your bike
  • Large foot print compatible with most kick stands
  • Versatile Magic Wand telescopic magnet included
  • Military grade HDPE resists warping in summer heat and under Vtwin weight
  • Protects garage finishes such as epoxy, tile, or polished and sealed concrete
  • Confidence inspiring when parking on non paved surfaces
  • Limits sinking when parked on hot pavement
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending
  • Your choice of four graphics enhancing styles
    • USA theme
    • HS Orange
    • HS Flames
    • Pink Barbed Wire